Small Range Bags

Amy Diaz
13 min readJun 18, 2024


Looking for the perfect small range bag to hold your gear? Look no further — our roundup features the best options available on the market. From compact designs to durable materials, we’ve got you covered with a selection of bags that won’t let you down at the range.

The Top 8 Best Small Range Bags

  1. Cabela’s 1000 Range Bag — Organized Gear Storage for Shooters — Cabela’s 1000 Range Bag — Gray/Black: Organize your gear with ease, featuring durable construction, multiple storage compartments, and comfortable straps for easy access on the go. Perfect for range day or casual practice.
  2. Savior Equipment Specialist Range Bag: 3 Pistol Sleeve for Shooting Practice — Revolutionary Small Range Bag from Savior Equipment Specialist Range Bag Three Pistol Sleeve Gray, featuring an overhauled design, lockable main compartment, and lightweight compressed EVA frame for ultimate functionality.
  3. REEBOW Tactical Range Bag Backpack for Military Use — Stay organized and equipped for your adventures with the versatile and durable REEBOW Gear Tactical Sling Bag, perfect for range days, travel, or any outdoor pursuit.
  4. Viking Tactics Medium Sling Range Bag — Army Green — Discover the versatility of the Tactical Military Medium Sling Range Bag, with its adjustable sling design, spacious compartments, and endless configuration options for your next adventure.
  5. Mini Range Cube Bag for Benchrest Shooting — The versatile WieBad Mini Range Cube Bag offers a reliable and customizable shooting experience for shooters of all skill levels.
  6. hopopower Lightweight Tactical Crossbody Sling Bag — The hopopower Tactical Sling Bag provides a versatile and stylish solution for your outdoor needs, offering enhanced loading capacity, waterproof protection, a ventilated bottom, and adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable carrying.
  7. Military Rover Sling Backpack for EDC and Outdoor Adventures — Experience ultimate versatility and comfort with the Wincent Tactical Sling Bag, ideal for military rover, everyday carry, and outdoor adventures.
  8. Bulldog Deluxe 2 Pistol Range Bag — Multi-Gun Soft Case — Experience unmatched convenience and durability with the Bulldog Cases Deluxe 2 Pistol Range Bag with Strap & MOLLE — the perfect companion for any shooting range enthusiast.

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Cabela’s 1000 Range Bag — Organized Gear Storage for Shooters

Last weekend, I headed to a shooting range, and I happened to have the Cabela’s 1000 Range Bag with me. This range bag was a game-changer for me, especially when it came to organizing my gear. It’s built with 600-denier polyester fabric, which feels quite sturdy and durable. The exterior pouches were a big plus, providing me with easy access to my handguns and shooting gear. What stood out, though, were the mag pouches — they’re adjustable, so I could fit different types of magazines easily. However, I did notice that some of the Velcro closures could be stronger.

The interior of the bag is nicely padded, keeping my handgun safe and secure. The adjustable shoulder strap made it comfortable to carry the bag, even when it was fully loaded. One of the highlights was the rubberized bottom, which prevented the bag from sliding around during transport. With a total of eight reviews on the bag so far, the majority of users have praised its durability, organization, and overall ease of use.

In conclusion, the Cabela’s 1000 Range Bag has made a significant difference in my shooting range experience. It’s reliable, stylish, and offers plenty of storage space for all my gear. While it’s not perfect, the pros certainly outweigh the cons, and I’m looking forward to using it again at the range.

Savior Equipment Specialist Range Bag: 3 Pistol Sleeve for Shooting Practice

The Savior Equipment Specialist Range Bag is a versatile and durable option for those looking to store and carry their gun equipment in style. Designed with professionals in mind, it boasts a number of thoughtful features that make it a great choice for range trips. Its lightweight compressed EVA frame ensures easy maneuverability, while the adjustable center divider keeps your gear organized.

This bag comes equipped with 3 cushioned pistol sleeves, an individually lockable front pocket, and a removable mag slot panel. Its external 600D polyester shell provides durability, and the knitted elastic bands keep your gear secure.

Other standout features include a number of external pockets and a zippered mesh pocket for additional storage. Overall, it’s a high-quality bag that’s perfect for those who want to keep their guns and accessories safe and organized at the range.

REEBOW Tactical Range Bag Backpack for Military Use


This small tactical sling pack makes a great EDC or shoulder backpack option. With a size of 12 * 9.5 * 6 inches, it’s the perfect shape and size for carrying essentials on a daily basis, like a smartphone, wallet, and keys. The bag is made of durable 600D polyester, which ensures that it can withstand various weather conditions. The MOLLE system on the bag allows for easy customization and attaching additional gear.

The main compartment of the bag features a large Velcro pad for stashing essentials, while the back compartment is perfect for carrying ammo or other essential items. The comfortable and adjustable shoulder strap, along with two smaller straps to reduce sway, makes the pack convenient for both tactical assault situations and outdoor activities.

This versatile and compact tactical sling bag is perfect for pistol range outings, tactical situations or small personal trips, allowing you to carry items easily without burdening your body. With numerous dividers, straps, clips, loops, pockets, and snaps, this bag provides endlessly possible configurations to suit your specific needs. Give the REEBOW Gear Tactical Sling Bag Pack Military Shoulder Sling Backpack Small Range Bag Day Pack Tan a chance, and experience the benefits for yourself!

Viking Tactics Medium Sling Range Bag — Army Green


The Tactical Military Medium Sling Range Bag is a versatile and practical companion for any outdoor enthusiast or city commuter. Made in the classic army green, this sling backpack has a unique MOLLE webbing system that lets you attach essentials like knives, flashlights, phone holders, and water bottle bags. Its zippered main compartment is spacious and comes with mesh pockets for easy organization, while the front storage compartments boast elastic loops for additional gear.

With a plethora of configurable features, including multiple dividers, straps, clips, loops, pockets, and snaps, this bag is perfect for EDC, first-aid kits, and even as a diaper bag. The 17-liter capacity keeps your essentials within reach, and its detachable shoulder sling adjusts to fit different sizes without restricting arm movement. The durable fabric ensures long-lasting performance, and the mesh backing keeps the bag comfortable and breathable even in warmer conditions.

This sling-style bag is perfect for those who need a low-profile, yet practical and convenient option for their everyday adventures.

Mini Range Cube Bag for Benchrest Shooting


I’ve been using the WieBad Mini Range Cube Bag Coyote in my everyday shooting routine, and I must say it offers a simple yet reliable solution for a comfortable rest during my sessions. This compact shooting companion was initially designed for benchrest-shooting competitions, but its versatility has come incredibly handy in various other scenarios I’ve encountered, such as when shooting from ATVs or other off-road vehicles.

One aspect I particularly love about this Mini Range Cube Bag is its four-sided design, complemented by the two different elevation options integrated into it. The cube shape also allows easy integration with the company’s larger Range Cube, which creates a sturdy foundation for a solid shooting platform.

However, a minor drawback I’ve discovered is that it’s a bit heavier than anticipated for its size, weighing in at 3 pounds. Nonetheless, its durability seems to make up for it, ensuring it will last through multiple shooting sessions. Overall, the WieBad Mini Range Cube Bag Coyote is a fantastic companion for any shooter looking for a versatile, reliable, and comfortable shooting rest.

hopopower Lightweight Tactical Crossbody Sling Bag


This Small Tactical Sling Bag is designed to be tough and durable with high-density nylon fabric that is double-stitched for added strength. It comes with double zippers, buckles, and D-rings for added security and features a professional compression system to help keep your items organized and secure.

The bag is versatile and suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, including tactical and military operations and hiking. It features adjustable and padded shoulder straps for comfortable carrying, even when it’s heavy, and includes two smaller straps to keep the strap securely on your shoulder.

The Molle webbing allows you to attach additional tactical pouches, water bottles, and emergency tools for added convenience. Overall, this tactical sling bag is a stylish and functional choice for men on the go who require a reliable bag to carry their gear.

Military Rover Sling Backpack for EDC and Outdoor Adventures


A few weeks ago, I found myself in need of a versatile bag for my daily adventures. That’s when I discovered the Wincent Tactical Sling Bag Pack. Its multi-functional design and adjustable strap caught my attention right away.

What I loved about this bag is how compact it is, perfect for carrying my essentials. I can easily fit my iPad, notebook, wallet, and cellphone in it, along with a few other items like water bottles, flashlights, and chargers. The tactical Molle webbing allows me to attach more gear, making it an excellent choice for outdoor activities like hiking or camping.

One thing that truly impressed me is the hidden Velcro pad inside the bag, which can be used to secure items I don’t want shifting around. The three carrying options also make it a great gift for different types of people.

However, there were a couple of downsides. The heavy-duty zippers are a bit tricky to operate sometimes, and the bag’s weight can be a bit much when fully stocked. But overall, it’s a great investment for those who need a versatile and durable bag.

Bulldog Deluxe 2 Pistol Range Bag — Multi-Gun Soft Case


The Bulldog Cases Deluxe 2 Pistol Range Bag, available in black BDT917B, stands out as a premium product designed to securely transport and store two pistols. Equipped with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap with swivels, this bag offers added convenience and practicality for shooters on the go. The MOLLE webbing enhances customization possibilities, allowing users to attach extra accessories to the range bag.

The interior of the bag is equipped with multiple adjustable compartments that can safely hold pistols and up to eight magazines, ensuring organized storage and protection. Designed with durability in mind, the bag features heavy-duty YKK zippers and is crafted from water-resistant ballistic nylon fabric. The handle is reinforced for added strength, ensuring the bag will withstand frequent use.

Compared to other products in the market, the Bulldog Cases Deluxe 2 Pistol Range Bag offers a great balance of style, practicality, and functionality at a reasonable price point. This versatile bag is suitable for both professional marksmen and beginners, making it a standout choice among competitors. With its durable construction and customizable features, the Bulldog Cases Deluxe 2 Pistol Range Bag is a top pick for anyone seeking a reliable and stylish range bag.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right small range bag can be a daunting task, with numerous options available in the market. To make an informed decision, consider the following factors and general advice for your purchase.


Size & Capacity

The primary consideration when selecting a small range bag is size and capacity. Consider how many ammunition boxes and accessories you need to carry and choose a bag that can accommodate them without being too bulky. Most small range bags offer between 50 and 100 cubic inches of storage space, but it’s essential to select a size that suits your needs.

Materials & Durability

A range bag will often come into contact with harsh elements and sharp objects, so it’s essential to select a bag constructed from durable materials. Nylon and ballistic nylon are popular choices for their strength and resistance to wear and tear. Additionally, look for reinforced stitching and stress points to ensure the bag can handle heavy use.


Organization & Features

Many small range bags come equipped with additional features to help you stay organized and ensure your gear is easily accessible. Look for bags with multiple compartments for separating brass, tools, cleaning supplies, and ammo boxes. Some models may also include external pockets or straps for securing extra items like spare ammunition or shooting gloves.

Price & Budget

Before making a purchase, set a budget to help guide your decision. Range bags can vary in price, with some budget-friendly options available and others featuring premium materials and advanced features. While it’s tempting to save money, remember that a cheaply-made bag may not last as long as a more expensive one. Consider the balance between price and durability before making your final selection.



What is a small range bag used for?

A small range bag is designed to hold and carry the essential shooting accessories required during range sessions. These bags are lightweight, versatile, and offer ample storage for items such as ear and eye protection, targets, ammunition, tools, and extra clothing. They are compact and easy to carry, making them an ideal companion for both beginners and experienced shooters.

Using a small range bag ensures that all shooting accessories are in one place, making it convenient for quick access and organization. They also protect your gear from dust and moisture, keeping your equipment in good condition over time. Overall, a small range bag is an essential tool for any shooter looking to stay organized and prepared at the range.


What features should I look for in a small range bag?

When choosing a small range bag, there are a few key features to consider to ensure you get a high-quality product that meets your needs. First, look for a bag that is durable and made from weather-resistant materials to protect your gear from the elements. A strong zipper, sturdy handles, and reinforced seams are important for durability and longevity. It should also have multiple pockets and compartments to accommodate various shooting accessories.

Another important feature is adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable carrying and a padded back panel to reduce strain during long sessions at the range. Some smaller range bags also come with a built-in sling or shoulder strap, which can make it easier to carry the bag around the range without it becoming cumbersome or heavy. Finally, consider the size and style of the bag, ensuring that it is compact and designed to fit in your vehicle or shooting equipment case.

How do I properly clean a small range bag?

To clean a small range bag, follow these steps: Start by emptying the bag of all its contents. Gently brush away any dirt or debris with a soft brush or cloth, taking care not to damage any of the pockets or interior lining. Next, gently hand wash the bag with mild detergent and warm water. Be sure to avoid using any harsh chemicals, as this may damage the fabric or coating of the bag.

Once the bag is clean, rinse it thoroughly under cold running water to remove any soap residue. Allow the bag to air dry completely before storing it. It’s also a good idea to inspect the bag for any signs of wear or damage after cleaning. If you notice any issues, it may be time to replace your small range bag.


What are some common mistakes to avoid when selecting a small range bag?

When looking for a small range bag, there are a few common mistakes to avoid to ensure you find the right product for your needs. The first mistake is choosing a bag that is too small or too large. Make sure to select a bag that is the right size for your needs, as a bag that is either too big or too small may not be practical to carry or use at the range.

Another mistake is overlooking the bag’s durability and weather-resistance. Choose a bag that is made from high-quality materials and is designed to withstand the elements. Avoid cheaply made bags, as they may not last as long or provide the same level of protection for your gear. Finally, be sure to look for a bag with multiple pockets and compartments to ensure that it can accommodate all your essential shooting accessories.

What are some essential shooting accessories that should be stored in a small range bag?

There are several essential shooting accessories that should be stored in a small range bag to ensure that you have everything you need at the range. First, you’ll need ear and eye protection, such as earplugs, earmuffs, and safety glasses. These items are critical for protecting your hearing and vision while shooting and should always be kept within easy reach.

Other essential items include targets, ammunition, cleaning supplies, and tools, such as a multi-tool or screwdriver. It’s also a good idea to store any extra clothing, such as a hat or hoodie, in the bag to stay warm and comfortable during long sessions at the range. By keeping these essential accessories in a small range bag, you’ll be well-prepared for any shooting session, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter.

What are some affordable options for a small range bag?

There are several affordable options for a small range bag that still offer high-quality features and durability. For example, the Vera Bradley Slim Range Bag is a compact, lightweight bag with multiple compartments for storing all your shooting essentials. It’s made from durable materials and comes with adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable carrying.

Another affordable option is the Field & Stream Sport Range Bag. This bag is designed to withstand the elements and features multiple pockets and compartments for storing all your shooting accessories. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and comes at a budget-friendly price. By considering these and other affordable options, you can find a small range bag that suits your needs without breaking the bank.

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